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Huge money spent lobbying in CA

Government is your unwanted, incompetent business partner. The money you spend in government relations,  lobbying, etc. is how you manage this partner. California news story: More than 3,200 businesses, unions, and trade groups spent almost a quarter-billion dollars on lobbying … Continue reading

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Reinforce your grass roots advocates

Share this with your grass roots advocates to show them how much power they CAN have. Remember that House Majority Leader U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor of VA was canned in a primary in 2014. From The NY Times today: “The … Continue reading

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Personal Political Power for Medical Association Members

Posted by The Indiana State Medical Association on Monday, September 14, 2015 I’m emphasizing different ways to raise and use money such as Directed personal contributions Home-based fund raisers ###

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Can your action alerts compete with Angry Birds?

The folks at Connectivity recently posted an article on why email works so poorly to communicate with association members. “…the general consensus is that 30 percent of emails sent to members will be opened, and about 8 percent will generate … Continue reading

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Working with politicians you hate

Can you work with an elected official of a different party-someone whose politics you detest? Yes… but… from the organization standpoint, I recommend matching grassroots volunteers with elected officials of the same party and outlook where possible. In the best … Continue reading

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What’s your lobbying sound bite?

“sound bites” “THAT term has become derogatory,” said campaign strategist Joel Benenson, divulging that he once pushed back at Obama’s skepticism of such tidy, pithy locutions by saying to him: “Mr. President, ‘Let he who is without sin cast the … Continue reading

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Ira Glass on changing people’s minds…

One of the challenges to activating grass roots advocates is that the people most detached, most disenchanted, most cynical… have never actually talked with a politician. For years I’ve encouraged my clients to have a session with a real elected … Continue reading

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