About Joel

New book – Personal Political Power in California – How to take action  and make a difference. Chock full of advice from California politicians, staff, lobbyists, volunteer advocates and academic research, this how-to manual will encourage and educate readers to communicate effectively and elected officials and get results.

Grass Roots Power For Associations

This is the manual that teaches grass roots advocates and key contacts how to build relations and deliver a message to elected officials that will get positive action

The book started with focus groups in nine states designed to find out why so few people write or call elected officials about issues (as distinguished from case work). After identifying the more frequently cited obstacles that discourage grass roots advocates, I set out to help people overcome those obstacles.

Each part of the book speaks to readers about obstacles and helps them see how they can become engaged and have Personal Political Power.

In addition to anecdotes and testimonials, the book details specific way to make sure your message is heard, that you understand the role of professional lobbyists compared to the volunteer, that you appreciate legislative staff and that you value and know how to create relationships with elected officials.

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The Generic Version “Keep On Voting After The Election” is still available… call 916 277 4884…

This is an interview about my book, “Keep On Voting After The Election.”

Joel Blackwell The Grass Roots Guy

The book will motivate grass roots key contacts to lobby and show them how to be more effective when they craft and deliver a message

Professional lobbyists hire me to help recruit, motivate, educate and activate grass roots key contacts. This might involve

      • speaking at a lobby day,
      • setting up a workshop for a board meeting to create a grass roots program
      • going into the districts of several gatekeeper politicians to mobilize a small number of highly trained and motivated advocates
      • consulting with staff to create an ongoing program of reward, recognition and engagement through online media
      • developing ways to use the talents of senior volunteer advocates to mentor young people for the next generation of advocates
      • creating online systems, content and media to engage and educate advocates through social media and smartphones

I’ve worked in 47 states and DC for associations and corporations since 1985.  My philosophy is that ordinary people such as association members and corporate employees can have enormous influence on public policy when they work to support professional lobbyists. A key is training and motivation to help them understand they already know how to be effective advocates and feel good about their role in politics.

Whatever we do, we always have fun.


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