Reinforce your grass roots advocates

Grass Roots Training for Association Members

Rep. Brat Campaigning

Share this with your grass roots advocates to show them how much power they CAN have. Remember that House Majority Leader U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor of VA was canned in a primary in 2014.
From The NY Times today:
“The uprising that beat Cantor was born of anger from voters like Randy Wingfield, 54, who owns a painting contracting business. He said he had written to Mr. Cantor several times asking for help and had not received a reply.”
That’s why voters dumped Cantor. Every member of Congress saw that event and it reinforced the basic rule: You want to get reelected you must keep your constituents happy, you must respond to them.
Building a committed energetic grass roots network requires persistent education and motivation delivered in different ways such as direct email, YouTube Video… even snail mail.
What did you do this month to inform and energize your grass roots cadre?

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