Lobbyist: I got out and never looked back.

Columnist Jimm Williams

“My conscience couldn’t take it anymore.”

Interesting if disturbing article by Jimmy Williams of Decode DC, a website and podcast designed  to help Americans understand how crucial political issues affect everyday life.

Williams explains with compelling examples how money works in Washington as legal bribe, pay-to-play style.

His podcast is produced weekly in the Scripps News Washington Bureau.

In the article, Williams explains how he entered public service, bailed to become a lobbyist and got fed up.

Full article here

It’s a compelling and realistic read and tells you what ordinary people are up against.

More at http://www.decodedc.com

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Best bet to influence healthcare: FAX

Old tech equals new power

Senators have heard all the anger… now they are looking for reasons to act… hand-write a note that includes your voting address and give three items you believe a healthcare bill must have… include your cell phone and state that someone can call anytime… fax it to the senator you can vote for… call to confirm the fax arrived… ask when you will get a response… not that they are likely to respond, but that phone follow-up demonstrates your passionate commitment and gives more power to your message… old fashioned fax has more impact because it has to be handled… hand writing makes it personal… lifts your message out of the firestorm of communications…

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#indivisible is right on target

Everything I’ve seen from @indivisible has been solid advice, especially the emphasis on talking with the person you can vote for…

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Huge money spent lobbying in CA

Government is your unwanted, incompetent business partner. The money you spend in government relations,  lobbying, etc. is how you manage this partner.

money lobbyingCalifornia news story: More than 3,200 businesses, unions, and trade groups spent almost a quarter-billion dollars on lobbying and other payments to influence during the 2015 legislative session, according to new state filings.

The $232 million in payments to influence during the first nine months of 2015 is about $20 million more than what lobbyist employers reported paying during the first three quarters of 2011 and 2013, the first halves of the past two legislative sessions.

Full Story In SacBee

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Reinforce your grass roots advocates

Grass Roots Training for Association Members GrassRootsGuy@JoelBlackwell.com

Rep. Brat Campaigning

Share this with your grass roots advocates to show them how much power they CAN have. Remember that House Majority Leader U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor of VA was canned in a primary in 2014.
From The NY Times today:
“The uprising that beat Cantor was born of anger from voters like Randy Wingfield, 54, who owns a painting contracting business. He said he had written to Mr. Cantor several times asking for help and had not received a reply.”
That’s why voters dumped Cantor. Every member of Congress saw that event and it reinforced the basic rule: You want to get reelected you must keep your constituents happy, you must respond to them.
Building a committed energetic grass roots network requires persistent education and motivation delivered in different ways such as direct email, YouTube Video… even snail mail.
What did you do this month to inform and energize your grass roots cadre?

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Personal Political Power for Medical Association Members

Indiana State Medical AssociationPosted by The Indiana State Medical Association on Monday, September 14, 2015

I’m emphasizing different ways to raise and use money such as

  • Directed personal contributions
  • Home-based fund raisers


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“math can never really resolve a debate rooted in history, culture and values”

The Grass Roots Guy helps you develop grass roots advocates with clout

Focus on developing key contact relationships with gatekeeper politicians – the deciders

That’s why they call it politics. Data helps. Data is necessary. Data seldom determines outcome.
That’s why personal relationships with deciders – elected officials with power – determine whether you achieve legislative goals or not.

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